OnaRay embraces a path of Love & Freedom

OnaRay embraces a path of Love & Freedom

OnaRay is a spiritual name that embodies a humanness beyond gender. Her passion for Tantra and the Sacred Temple Arts birthed within her a wild exploration in the mid-nineties of erotic art and sacred play.  She found herself diving deep into different realms of sexual exploration and personal edges.  This wild abandonment against the standard norm of sexual shame and shadow-play evoked a desire to study from an wide array of sacred teachings that now she embodies with her life teachings.

OnaRay has dedicated her life to seek out many different forms of education in a multitude of ways.  She has studied with conscious sexuality educators with ISTA, Source School of Tantra, United Bliss, and other passionate teachers across the globe, Shamanic Wisdom holders, and Somatic Movement Therapist for over 2 decades.  These teachings alongside 14 years of higher education with degrees in Nutrition, Humanities and Sustainable Culture and four years in a Doctorate program in Mind/Body Medicine all have spawned a personal insight into the inner connections of elevating consciousness and finding peace.  

Her dedication to awakening a new paradigm of sexual relation inspired her to study different styles of facilitating trainings in the fields of Authentic Relating, NVC, and Mind/Body Centering. These innovative communication styles introduced her to powerful ways that helps individuals communicate their desires and needs in a positive powerful way. 

Today, 20 years later, she is feeding her life purpose with loving open relationships, performance art, Tantra teachings and massage, facilitated ceremonies/rituals, intimacy coaching, authentic sexual relating circles, and transformational retreats.  She also continues to push the boundaries of physical mastery with aerial art, acrobatics, acro yoga, yoga, and contact improvisation.  She earned her 200 hr yoga training in Nov, 2012, in the field of Tantra Yoga at Inan Itah, Nicaragua and has attended numerous acro yoga immersion and specialty trainings.

OnaRay has taught workshops, led opening ceremony and rituals, offered performance art at festivals and conferences all throughout the USA, Germany, Sweden, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand, Guatemala, Canada and Australia.  She continues to inspire individuals to seek out their own truth and live with love.

Her nomadic lifestyle over the past 10 years has allowed a shift in consciousness acknowledging the reverence for all life with beauty and grace.  Her dedication for self-mastery and awakened sexual consciousness allows her to passionately share from the heart with a path of love!  This new path of awaken love has birth a new life project.  AwakenSex is birthing a sexual renaissance that empowers the path of inner-aliveness and honors the sexual creative energy in life. 

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Instagram is @awakenintoone  AND  @acroheart


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Sexuality is the path of Inner-Aliveness.

Sexuality is gateway to spiritual transformation.

Awakening into the beauty of sexual aliveness is powerful and evolutionary!


SOMATIC Touch Therapeutics

Somatic Touch Therapy (STT) is an innovative bodywork session to help unlock emotional blockages and stuck energetic pathways.  This restorative session helps align the mind-body to awaken more joy inside.  I will use a mixed-array of somatic techniques with guided imagery, trigger-point therapy, healing touch, breath and movement therapies during the session to help guide you into more loving self-awareness inside!  I bring in Tantra Presence and Wisdom as I help guide you on a transformational journey inside to awaken more love and inner-connection!

Donation (Sliding Scale if needed) $110 for 60 mins and $150 for 90 mins


Wisdom Womb Massage with BioDynamic Breath and Healing Touch.  This session helps with deepening to womb wisdom to help unlock energetic pathways deepening an internal connection between the sacral and the womb.  I will incorporate healing touch, trigger-point therapy, sound healing with a powerful introduction to biodynamic breathing.  I will help guide you into a journey inside the body and into felt-sense invoking a deeper connection inside.  This powerful session is helpful for women with deeper insight into their own womb wisdom around fertility.

Donation (Sliding Scale is need or $150 for 90 minutes, some session may require longer need)

Tantric Loving Massage is a journey of deeper intimacy inside. This session will be held in a sacred loving container that awakens more sexual aliveness inside.  The session will consist of tantric presence and breath, intimate connection with the heart, and energetic touch to unlock sexual pathways.  Tantric touch is powerful and transformative.  This massage is helpful for erectile issues, sexual blockages, and so much more. This session is available for female or males, and all gender couples.

(60 to 3 hr sessions available) Contact via text or connect in person (720-280-3414)

Awaken Sex Activation Program "ASAP"   -- 

“9-week solo journey into the heart of sexual aliveness!” 

HOW does sexual energy get activated?

HOW does sexual aliveness happen?

What is the connection between sexuality and happiness?

THIS activation program is a comprised of a series of Tantric Teachings with Sexual Empowerment Coaching to awaken sexual consciousness inside.  This new awareness births more acceptance, love, and patience for life!

Will consists of a series of 9-week modules for higher sexual learning with on-line support and In-person connection. 

Each week is focused on a different intention with a specific tool and practice to enhance a shift of awareness.  Thus creating a shift in the energetics within the sexual energy circuit and how sexual energy connects with life.

WANT to feel more alive inside?

THIS innovative new sexual activation program is for individuals who are seeking deeper, more meaningful connection between sex and life!

For individuals or couples who feel less than satisfied with life and love!

AND FOR all humans wanting to accept who they are more fully and be In-LOVE with LIFE!  AND to feel free inside as empowered sexual being!

CONTACT me with inquiry AND begin your journey into Awaken Sexuality!



Book an Appointment for a FREE 15 minute consultation by sending email to AWAKENSEX@gmail.com

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